Privacy Policy

This is a EU GDPR compliant privacy policy notice. Bearint Oy handles user data in accordance with the GDPR. Personal information processing is completed due to and in accordance with legal requirements. This privacy policy was created 20.3.2022.

Within this document client refers to all parties who submit data to Bearint Oy.

Registrar and the responsible contact person:

Bearint Oy
Stenstrandintie 9, 02420 Jorvas
+358 40 937 3087
Otso Aksela

Register name, legal basis and purpose

Register name: Bearint Oy's customer, marketing, stakeholder, web service user and member registers. The processing of data under the EU GDPR is a legitimate right of the registrar. Personal information is processed to enable contacting clients, maintaining client-relationships, marketing and other similar purposes.

Register information content and storage, regular sources of information

Bearint Oy is committed to the protection of personal information. We process our clients' information. Information is collected and processed as necessary to care for and maintain client relationships. We process information such as names, contact information, orders and marketing authorisation.
Information is stored for the duration of the client relationship and afterwards as long as necessary for the intended purposes. Storage is in compliance with legal and contractual obligations. The information registered is collected among other things from messages sent via internet-forms, email, phone, social media services, contracts, client-meetings and other situations where clients disclose their information. Personal information is primarily collected from the registered themself.

Regular disclosing and transferring of data

If necessary, we may transfer information to our partners, who may provide customer relationship management, payment services, billing and accounting services or payment control and collection services.

Upon a separate request information may be disclosed to authorities based on the law.

Information disclosure outside the EU or the European economic area

Information is not disclosed outside the EU or the European economic area.

Right to inspect registered data

In accordance with data protection law, the client has the right to obtain and verify their own data by requesting it from the registrar. If there is something to be corrected in the data, corrections will be made as soon as possible after the need for corrections has come to our knowledge. We may ask the client to clarify the request in writing and to verify their identity before processing the request.

Register protection principles

The register is handled with due care and data processed by information systems will be appropriately protected. Data is protected with passwords and device protection, among other things. Personal data is processed by parties appointed by Bearint Oy, who are employed by the company and, as a result of the company's assignment, by persons participating in the maintenance and development of information systems.

Other rights related to personal information processing

A client has the right to request the removal of his or her personal data from the register (“right to erasure”). Clients also have other rights under the EU's GDPR, such as restrictions on the processing of personal data in certain situations. Requests must be sent in writing to the registrar. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his or her identity.

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